HubStor Enhances Cloud Security and Disaster Recovery

New HubStor security feature protects data in the cloud from malicious attacks at the account level.

HubStor Inc., the market’s first data-aware hybrid cloud storage and cloud archive solution, today announced a new security feature that offers protection against malicious tampering at the account or subscription level. HubStor’s clients now have the option of shadowing their data to a secondary account as a backup in the case the storage accounts in the primary account are deleted resulting in data loss.

When data is written to block blob storage in public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, at least three copies of the information are synchronously written. Additional levels of storage redundancy replicate the data to a secondary datacenter. However, if a hacker or malicious insider were to delete the storage account, then no amount of storage redundancy matters.

"This protects against malicious and accidental deletion or encryption of the cloud copy, which is something we're very concerned about."

W. Curtis Preston, Senior Analyst, Storage Switzerland

With HubStor’s shadow copy option, malicious users are unaware that a shadow copy exists. HubStor transparently maintains replicas in a secondary account during the synchronization and archiving process. In HubStor, data is preserved in a unique way that supports complete recovery – files, original metadata, folder structures, and permissions – from the blob storage alone. Thus, blob storage which is compressed with deduplication is the only cost factor in the secondary account; compute aspects of the tenant are necessary only in the primary account or in a recovery scenario.

“The analysts at Storage Switzerland raised our awareness of data loss potential resulting from account tampering,” said Geoff Bourgeois, CEO, HubStor. “Approximately 60 percent of our clients run HubStor in their Azure account, so it helps that we offer added safeguards. Our goal is to provide the most in-depth security and data protection in the market.”

“I love this idea of a copy that has extra security around it,” said W. Curtis Preston, Senior Analyst, Storage Switzerland. “This protects against malicious and accidental deletion or encryption of the cloud copy, which is something we’re very concerned about.”

HubStor recommends that clients use the Azure Cool storage for the shadow copy with the minimum redundancy configuration to contain cloud consumption costs.


HubStor helps organizations leverage the cloud to transform their storage, archiving, search, and data protection processes in order to reduce costs and improve the security of mission-critical data assets. HubStor provides the world’s first and only data-aware hybrid cloud storage and archive solution which it makes available in a transparent pricing model without contractual or technical lock-in.

HubStor currently serves clients, large and small, across a variety of industries in the United States, Europe, and Canada. HubStor is a Microsoft partner and a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, and was recently selected by CIOReview as a ’20 Most Promising Azure Solution Provider in 2016.’



Elizabeth Lam, VP Marketing

HubStor Inc.

Source: HubStor Inc.


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